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Metal Gear Nude 2: Spins of Liberty


Less known work by Masaaki Yuasa that was included as a bonus with Photo Kanna bluray (volume 7). Full staff:

Recently Yuasa started his own studio sciencesaru.


WooDEM: two falling horses

I almost used that pic of fuyuhiko from the rollercoaster but i figured that would be kinda hypocritical kek

This seems like as good a time as any to remind all a ya to tag your DR:AE spoilers for those who are waiting for an english release thnx


Some of Kite’s reactions are the best things.



It’s like the studio who makes the Pokemon anime doesn’t know how to draw Groudon

look at this


what a fucking disaster


Those things you're reblogging are reminding me of that one with the Adachi heads on the jumping girls from AGES AGO

Sadly I think the original jpegs for those are lost to the sands of time.

All that remains is this video


anime girls with real mouths

I am obligated to reblog this post at least once per year.

 - Dangan Ronpa Another Episode - OST - The warriors of Hope
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Some of these designs are amazing. Especially Toon Link’s. And interesting seeing Peach in black and white

peach is so cute and im laughign so hard at luigi looking like a dork